Managed Private Cloud

Highly Reliable and Scalable

Our self-delivered, rack-scale infrastructure comes with these guarantees:

  • Easy, Repeatable Configuration and Planning
  • Proven Systems with a Suite of Trusted Software
  • Hybrid and All-Flash Data Storage, Expandable into Petabytes
  • Hundreds of Virtual Clusters for Agility and Efficiency
  • 60% Lower TCO than Major Public Cloud Providers
  • All-Rounded Scalable Infrastructure Deployment

Our NexRack solutions give you the very best in industry-leading storage, server, networking and software – coupled with our enterprise-reliable support. We practice strict quality control in every step of our manufacturing, production and assembly processes in our Taiwan-based facility. Thus, ensuring that every NexRack delivered is securely pre-integrated, deployed, and validated in your datacentre or co-location facilities.

Managed Private Cloud

NexRack Lineup

NexRack DC

Our flexible and powerful, self-contained rack-scale architecture – with a built-in temperature control and physical health monitoring system. Build your own datacentres to host any and all your applications, while taking out the guesswork required in the hardware to support them.

NexRack HD

Rack space often comes at a premium, so high-density servers are the perfect solution to maximise both space and efficiency. Get the most possible out of your rack density, by scaling your from 1U, 14-Bay Dual-Socket Systems to our 4U, 36-Bay 4x-Dual-Socket Systems – ensuring you get the highest memory capacity, with the high-performance nodes to match.


With a variety of form-factors available (from 1U to 4U), our all-purpose rackmount servers can be built to your exact specifications, for any workload – including single, dual, and quad-processor configurations, with flexible networking and storage capabilities.

NexRack Archive

Specially built for archival purposes, this specialist server configuration can hold up to 102x HDDs in a 4U configuration – allowing you the incredible ability to store all your entire digital archive in just a single chassis.