Nexraid Consulting Services

Digital Transformation

Our flagship consulting service. Using our proprietary NexOps methodology, we will create a 3 to 5 years proposal that helps you to transform from a brick and mortar business to a highly automated and innovative organization.

IT Strategy Planning

We will share knowledge and best practices on a variety of topics such as technical and business risk mitigation, requirements analysis and establish the most optimal operational policies.

Security Compliance

Get expert advice on how to improve your data protection and certify that your protection meets organizational and industry compliance requirements.

Business Continuity

Crisis management and contingency planning can help mitigate both short-term and long-term risks. Nexraid will help you to build a robust disaster recovery strategy so you can maintain a competitive advantage and ensure that your organisation has the resources and support to adapt and thrive in all conditions.

Software Architecture

Nexraid subject matter experts can plan, design, architect and implement modern hybrid cloud solutions in the most effective way.

DevOps Acceleration

We help our clients build highly scalable applications by designing, building and implementing world-class infrastructures that delight developers and scales with your current and future business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between "IT Consulting", "Managed Services" and "Professional Services"?

Though there are a lot of similarities between the three, the goal is vastly different.

  • IT Consulting focus on cost effectiveness and strategy planning. We identify gaps and prioritise the type of service based on your budget assigned.

  • Managed Services removes all the complexity of IT. You pay a monthly fee in exchange for an IT service with a financially backed service level agreement. This usually includes a contract range from 1 to 3 years just like utility contracts. We will manage all the hardware and software if required.

  • Professional Services are for customer who already knows what they are looking for and has already done their research on pros and cons of the selected solution. However, they lack the expertise or resources to deploy or maintain the solution internally. Hence, they are looking to outsource the project on one off basis.

How do I know if I need IT Consulting, Managed Services or Professional Services?

  • Q1. Do you know what are your gaps in IT?
    • No -> IT Consulting
    • Yes -> Q2. Do you have enough resources to maintain the solution?
      • Yes -> Professional Services
      • No -> Managed Services

Is our Digital Transformation consulting right for you?

We’re upfront that our approach may not be right for everyone – for example, not all businesses and organizations see IT as a necessary requirement. Furthermore, consulting may be unnecessary for small companies that do not need extensive role-based access controls, auditing, and monitoring capabilities – and it can be especially intimidating if there are no dedicated IT staff. We may also decline support for hard requirements that need legacy device/software management that come without the original manufacturer’s support.

Nonetheless, our proposals work best when businesses already have an IT budget in mind, as this allows us to best advise you on how to achieve the best cost-effective ratio for your digital transformation strategy.

We also strongly recommend that businesses who wish to automate their business process using technology have long-term sight. This means, deciding to set aside a fixed budget and allocate resources annually to see growth over the next few years – alongside having a dedicated IT Staff member who can assist you to drive your digital transformation and provide internal support with our guidance.

How much budget do I need to conduct Digital Transformation?

We usually calculate a suitable budget based of a stipulated IT spend per employee. This cost includes your hardware (such as laptop, handphone, printer, smart card, network equipment, servers etc), software (antivirus, Photoshop, backup software etc.) and services (internet service, email hosting, CRM solution, LOB app development, IT maintenance contracts, IT consulting etc) divided by your total number of employees.

On average, most customers have IT spends that range between US$500 to US$2,500 per employee, per month. Furthermore, a trending benchmark usually involves a base spend of US$150, before slowly increasing the budget in parallel with business growth, as operational costs begin to decrease from the progressive IT automation introduced.

How long does a Digital Transformation typically take?

Our Digital Transformation proposals typically range from 3 to 5 years, with each project deployment averaging at about 6 to 12 weeks.

As technology progresses every day, actual deployments may defer from the original proposal. Whenever we find something more cost-effective for your organization, we may tweak part of the proposal to suit your business requirements.

To mitigate this, we provide annual reviews to ensure that your Digital Transformation plan is kept up to date still being flexibility for ever-evolving business landscape.

How much can I expect my Digital Transformation to cost?

We offer multi-year, proposal-based bids, that comprise multiple projects and milestones in between.

We typically suggest a “Pay-Per-Milestone” billing model, that allows us to come to agreements ahead of time on deliverables to better manage expectations across your organisation. That way, it’s easier to quantify the number of man-hours required for the start of each milestone and subsequent invoice, thus, preventing bill-shock from any excess hours or additional services, as subject to our stipulated Master Services Agreement.

Do you offer onsite engagements?

Most of our services are provided on a remote basis. We do arrange for onsite meetings and deployments when necessary. However, we keep them to a minimum as part of streamlining our process and also keeping your consultation costs low.

Do you offer after hours support and maintenance?

Yes, of course! In fact, we recommend conducting support and maintenance after typical office hours. This reduces the impact on users, while allowing for the flexibility to conduct more extensive diagnosis that would otherwise be disruptive during normal operational hours.

What regions do you service?

While we are headquartered in Singapore, our services and teams extend to organisations worldwide. To date, we have worked with businesses from the US, UK, Greater China Region, and ASEAN, alongside our local clientele.

How do I start, and what can I expect?

Everything starts with an initial consultation, where we’ll arrange a time to meet and get-to-know you – where we zoom into your current challenges. If all’s well, we will proceed to prepare a comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW) detailing our entire recommended plan for you, and the take-up necessary to begin.

Next, a couple of other documents are sorted out, including a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Master Services Agreement (MSA) and the finalisation of the SOW – this is where invoicing typically begins.

From there, sit-back as we commence on getting to work on your organisation’s well-deserved Digital Transformation!

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